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Air Pressure, Cable Splicing, Telephone Cable Repair, DSL pair conditioning.... Stop Wet Telephone Cables Inc.!!!!!!! We stop your High costs due to Wet Cables in the Manhole System and Central Office!! Why Spend all that money on Repair When for pennies on the Dollar you can "PREVENT" Wet Telephone Cables? The Main Home Page for David and Marianne Schell. You can call Us @ 765-346-0089....."CLICK" on Picture here to see the Local newspaper in Martinsville.

 We can go into most any City and locate all leaks, rate them by the impact on the system and locate all M.H.s  at the rate of one day per 1,000 line subscribers.

Cell Phone  765-346-0089



 *Note*  I am always interested in Air Pressure opportunities and working air pressure jobs. Marianne and I can be ready to help solve your air pressure problems in a short notice. If you need people to help you with some new solutions.  Please e-mail me at    dmschell@gmail.com  Or just call us.




Dear  Sir, I would like to send you some information in regards to our procedures in leak locating and repair. This can be considered a "Theme" of an Air Pressure Program we have developed in our working experiences over the last 25 years at least. These are roughly some times and results that can be expected when Marianne and I do one Central Office in any Phone company. Pretty sure we have now leak located and repair for all the major companies and many not so major ones.

The first three days we access the Central Office. Making and recording all readings, standardizing the panels to System standards locating any leaking blocks internally or externally in the C.O. and any other leaks in the building. We establish a " bench mark" from the readings for future comparisons so that we can show the changes in the air systems to the Phone companies clients. Those three days would only be the beginning.

On days three,four,five and six with the prints or "stick maps" we apply a trace gas and have it saturated the entire air System. This allows Marianne and I to locate all leaks within the first 3000' of the office on two runs as well as all the manhole locations and rating the leaks for the impact that they are having on the air systems. Using a print or a map we record all trace gas readings for future repair. We can expect as many as 25-40 leaks to repair doing this procedure in the first six days provided their are that many leaks in the vault and underground.

We always work 10 hr. days as we find this to have the most favorable impact on the results we can achieve . We would like to leave it up to the people we have worked for to describe us and we can provide you any references from the people we have worked for at your particular phone company. We have specialized in Air Pressure for several years now and have been able to utilize the latest ideas and techniques. Our procedures may not be like many other techs we have run across yet they do work very well. We continue to consider new ways of doing air pressure work in a more efficient effective way.

Oh yes the repair of located leaks. We would be happy to repair any or all leaks at the rate of 1-2 locations a day sometimes faster. We can repair all the leaks in each location and the air pressure readings. What we have found to be the most difficult type lead to locate and repair the "Section Leak" is not that hard for us to do as we have several experience with these leaks. We have easy access to a duct probe and can pin point these leaks and repair them. We work lead when needed. We record all leaks, locations, type and air system so we can make this information available to our clients.

At the end of the project we also provide write ups and can email them to whomever is in need we call this and " Exit report". With pictures and videos of the conditions we find in the field. We can facilitate "splicers" repairing the leaks in the field if needed.

We rarely work at the splicing rate because of our experience and special tools that are required we are able to impact the Air Systems at a fast rate. At the same time we carry all manhole and safety equipment. If you are interested in more information from us or specific information please feel free to contact us. Our base location is at our home near Indianapolis, Indiana where we live as often as we can.

One thing that turns out to be a plus in what we do is that we not only find where all the leaks are , we also find all the locations where they are not.

Respectfully yours, David and Marianne Schell

Martinsville, Indiana



Welcome to our Home Web Page. Our home most of the year is in Central Indiana where our families live. It is our hope that this webpage provides for you an opportunity to contact us and to know more about us and how we might fit into the work that you need done.
We have included some personal photos of our family and friends. Our work photos are on the Second Photo Page. I hope you enjoy visiting our webpage. If you see any mis-spelled words please let us know . Thank you for your interest.

e-mail dmschell@gmail.com Cell 1-765-346-0089 ...This is our Travel Phone #

    Marianne and I have been doing Telephone work(splicing, Repair,, Hi-caps,Air Pressure) for a combined 64 years experience. We have two full sets of Truck and tools. We are willing to travel to almost  any area of the Country for work. Where ever there is a need. Air Pressure is the work that we most excell in and have been leak locating for several different Telephone companies for some 28 years.
We are presently involved in a project where we are able to do a whole Central Office system in a fraction of the usual time. By adding Helium or Hydrogen gas to the air system we are able to locate all leaks, find all M.H. runs and rate the leak according to the amount they impact the Air System. . For rates please contact us and we will be happy to work with you. We also install and maintain Monitoring Systems for Air Pressure systems so you can watch your air pressures from a laptop anywhere in the world.

Some of the companies we have worked for are, Enterprise Of Winter Garden,in Ft. Myers,Orlando,Apopka,Melbourn,

Voltelcon, for Brian Booher(1-888-829-9162) of San Jose,in Pomona,Monterey, Salinas,San Mateo,Oakland, Fresno,Ca.


Embarq, At&T, Verizon, GTE, Bell South, Pacific Bell, Hawaiian Telephone, Century Telephone, Quest

Ted Madden Indiana Divison of Century-Link  Office 574-268-5264 or 419-612-7589

Dave Jordan  Ohio Divison of Century-Link  Office 419-226-6275

Stu (Jim Stewart) Cell 510-710-4023

Dean Romain  cell 602-524-4613

Cidcomm, in Palm Springs,Indio,Ca. for Bill Henn 

ITI Jim Williams,

Please feel free to contact us. For now we can be reached at various numbers or you can fax us. Traveling  Cell 765-346-0089  Home 765-352-0405


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Listing of some of our Tools:

We have lots of special tools to work with. Some are Dynatel 965, 955,745,   Sidekicks,  M.H. Packages,  Aerial Ladders, Generators,  3M Square, Chevy Vans, Ultrasonics,  TDR,  Flow raters,  Amps and tones,  gauges, end plate cutter,   and all kinds of hand tools.  Have Manhole package, 28 ft. ladders. We can make a list available if requested.  We have  personal Laptop Computers,  Digital Camera,   Fax machine for work use plus Scanner and printer.


Feel Free to call today for information